Musician, Athlete, Excelling Student, & Entrepreneur

vpthumbWhat does the life of a teenage musician, entrepreneur, athlete, and excelling student look like? Vithusayni Paramanathan exemplifies the well-rounded Grade 12 student whose talents extend in all directions.

From childhood, Vithusayni has had a strong interest in music. Professionally trained, she is learning Carnatic vocal from Kulanayaki Vivekanandan and Carnatic violin from Jeyadevan Nair. As she grew, so did her passion – giving her opportunities to play lead roles in musicals such as Into the Woods, Annie, and the spectacular Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat at the Toronto Centre for the Arts. Amongst her many other accomplishments in music, Vithusayni received the award for Outstanding Musical Dedication from Cosmo Music. Her reach is also extending to the global audience. She has participated in TVI’s Superstar Junior Season 3 and Shakthi TV’s Global Super Star, where she performed in Sri Lanka on the International Grand Finale Stage.

Vithusayni shares her passion for music with the community through her band The 8th Note. The band consists of a group of singers with one guitarist as they fuse diverse songs to showcase medley performances. The 8th Note’s unique sound comes from their skillful ability to combine different genres together to create harmonious music. Through her band, Vithusayni strives to introduce a distinctive form of music to the Tamil community and develop the bond between fellow musicians. The community embraces Vithusayni’s talent as she sings with various bands in Toronto for local events and media networks.

As an avid Toronto Tamil artist, Vithusayni is eager to create a renowned platform for Toronto’s own talent and build a strong sense of community with its members. With the support of their parents, Vithu and her sister Prathayini Paramanathan founded Isai Empire Inc., a company dedicated to providing opportunities for Toronto artists. Their vision is to showcase high quality talent by uniting Toronto artists with international talent on a grand stage. They are both excited to be hosting Toronto Tamil Artists’ Night, Isai Empire’s first event on Friday, April 29th at the Markham Event Centre.

Vithusayni’s achievements extend beyond music. She demonstrates her athletic ability by playing on the Senior Girls’ Basketball team and the Varsity Girl’s Football team. She has been a member of the Student Council for many years and currently holds the position of Head Publicity. In addition, she placed within the top ten as a provincial level competitor for her school’s DECA team. Vithusayni’s hard work and dedication was acknowledged by the YRD School Board who honoured her with the Student Success Award (given to only 24 out of 119,000 students). She has also received the Ontario Principal Council’s Leadership Award for the numerous initiatives she has undertaken for her school and the community.

As this busy teenager aims to work in Law Enforcement, she pursues leadership opportunities within the community. She is an ambassador for Pencil for Kids and strives to provide educational resources for children in need – as she believes in a world where everyone has an opportunity for education. Penny Drives are another initiative Vithusayni organizes. Through that, she has been able to pay school tuition fees for three girls in Niger, Africa.

Vithusayni Paramanathan is an accomplished young woman, who we have no doubt, will continue to impact the Toronto community and make a difference globally. She has proven that one is never too young to set goals, achieve dreams and be a role model for peers and the community.

Posted On : 5 Mar, 2016
Written By : Janani Srikantha