About Us

Tamil Entrepreneurial Network for Women


Network with Tamil female entrepreneurs from around the world. Meet mentors and form partnerships as you embark and move forward with your entrepreneurial journey.


Join workshops and webinars to learn how to build your business. You will also receive newsletters and digital magazines packed full of entrepreneurial ideas and information. Join the Book Club as we learn together.


Apply for company grants and receive referrals for funding as you finance your business. Also, access perks from professional business services to help you grow your brand.

Volunteer Opportunities - Ignite Leadership

Do you want to help build a community of strong, passionate leaders? Join our team to help Tamil women connect and grow as prominent entrepreneurs who have an impact in their industries, community and the world.

As a team, we:

  • foster a respectful environment for all members to bring forth their ideas.
  • proactively share our knowledge and experiences to support the growth of others and the community.
  • lead by example and take ownership of our responsibilities, with open communication.
  • consider diverse possibilities when making decisions.
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